Blog Post 1

Yippee yay. Dunno if anyone will read it, but let’s go for it either way.

I haven’t had a good history of keeping my stories long since I try to condense information into shorter stories, hence my mediocrely long list of “short stories”.

Finally uploaded a light novel-styled story [Witch’s Brother], with Chapter 1 complete. Should be complete.

Here’s what I expect to write myself: The story will be kinda a cross over between light novel + light novel translations online -and- normal stories. Which means there’ll be more descriptions and the such. But the intent will follow light novels in their way of transferring information and guiding the reader since I’m doing this for casual writing.

Whew! Setting up my own personal site is troublesome. Had to import many stories, and still gotta import my portfolio of dog pictures. Wahaha… I wonder if I should host my own site by using Ubuntu on my old iMac.

Side note, I need some pictures and covers. My chibi neko drawings failed horrendously. Might use Canva as suggested.


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