Blog Post 2


So, I’ve:

  • Set up my personal site.
  • Cleaned my menu.
  • Posted my dog photos.
  • Updated The Witch’s Haggle content.

Now I gotta watch out for the amount of space my photos are taking up.

I also changed the site name from benneeblog to lufferso. The choice went something like this:

  1. Chose Buffer
  2. Thought it was too short, so changed to Buffersome
  3. It was already in use, so I picked “L” randomly, ending up with luffer (might have also stemmed from “Luffy” of One Piece.

Seeing my favourite light novel translation sites have cool suffixes, I just chose “-so” as it was more weird and unique. Hence, lufferso.

I also got a nice icon! Yay! Although it does look somewhat like a poorly drawn nekomimi.
Uploaded as icon. Now, I’d like to find a cool background pic. Maybe having it peeking out of the bottom of the site. Now I gotta find our my site’s proper dimensions or something…


I really have to improve my own art and sketching skills. To record my own work for myself, this went from a simple pen sketch to Adobe Illustrator’s Match Trace tool. Bah.

Anyways, goodnight me. Bye me.

I’ll write up another blog post when something changes.


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