Time passes by fast. It’s often said in one way or another by many. It seems Time is of much importance, to the point of deserving the quote “Time does not equal money”. In my opinion, that’s wholly correct.

When I look back at my life thus far, I don’t see much that I enjoy. It’s chock full of familial conflicts, jealousy, and often gradual depreciation of happiness. One key moment of my life was being kidnapped by my parents. Another moment, I witnessed my friend threatening to throw himself out of the window. Of course, that was all a joke. To the mind of a child, however, all this in one individual’s life would ostensibly be insignificant to the politics of our world. But I wish to say yet again to my young self: Witness and treasure.

When I look at my life thus far, I see loved ones cry at the death of my relative. I see the world “move on without me”. I see my time playfully wasted as I read page after page of comics.

Till now, I still haven’t figured out why Time flows like the river, that a scene you would have remembered once was now gone by into the past. That a person I would have garnered hatred for would have dissipated in the passing of mere hours.

Was it emotion? Why could I not relieve that emotion yet again?

I now understand that the past is churned out week after week, day after day, Minute after Minute. Or perhaps definitely faster than the Second that passes even now. And when that period passes away into the depths, retained only by our mind, we are disillusioned by time. What appeared so many years ago seemed only 5 Minutes away, such as if our birth was only a blink away.

That is why I have written and read after so many long years. To treasure both the significant and the insignificant. To share with other writers in their feelings. As a way to store that feeling, contradiction, emotion, and that irreplaceable anger at time away. It is to also store that convoluted, embarrassing feeling I may place only for myself to see. For I may relieve it time and time again, into the future I only know. That is why I have written thus far in my life, since Time passes by oh so fast.


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