The Reunion

Ever since I left school, life has never been the same. In the wide wide world, we’ve been left to fend off the pack of wolves near our doorstep. Every chance at the step is an alluring but damning one. However, I reject them for I know only my passion fits me.

Every year, we come back to see each other on the same day. And as they drag on, longer and longer, the discomfort grows nearer, telling us, whispering into our ears: the wishes I would like appealed in my favour.

Ever since we left school, graduation cut our binds off, except for meagre little strings that hang about our retained friends. I would love to say: I know you, times have been well. But I surely will digress. I understand, I assure you, that as time flies by, so have our relationships. They’ve been stripped thin, hanging on only by the threats of social media and yearly gatherings. As I know less and less of you, sharing stories seem like an immoral dream.

On our 20th reunion, we come back with certain smiles and auras of happiness. Sound of cheers as we know we have jobs and families to care for resound in my ears. The whole situation is truly discomforting. But it is one I have learned to yearn for, and care for, and love for. For relationships are treasurable, and this journey will have stretched thin if I had not seen you guys then again.


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