My Little Candy

If only he could be mine. If only, I could bathe in his tears of sorrow—… Joy. That…petite body. Those bright, large, glistening, innocent eyes. His soothing voice. It stops the time around me. It rids me of all my sins. It is the sweetest candy that I shall forever roll on my tongue. After all, who could resist that? What’s mine is mine. What’s his is mine. But… Does he belong to me? He does right? Tell me he does! He… He does belong to me, right!? Right!?

– – – – –

On every night of the day, after countless hours of boredom at school, I’d always come back to my darling. It was, so to say, my dear pride and joy that waited for me everyday at home.

At the evenings when I arrived home, I would open the door to his room and see him sitting down on the wooden floor facing me. His large blue eyes, wide open, innocently stare at me. Expectingly.  And a wide smile grows on his face the minute I step in.

“Welcome back Saya!” He cries cheerfully, rushing into my open arms, hugging me, nuzzling his head into my chest.

“Oh Aven! I’ve missed you so, so much!”

“How long have you stood there for? Were you waiting for me all this time? Aren’t you cold?” I ask.

“No worries! I just wished to see you as soon as I could!”

This boy… This precious little jewel in my heart.

Ah… I panted heavily. A deep red blush gushed into my cheeks, while I unknowingly drooled all over his hair.

“Oh… Sorry, your sister just got a bit too excited,” I say, embarrassingly. I wipe my mouth with the back of my right hand.

“It’s okay. Aven forgives you,” he replies in a childish voice, gently kissing my forehead. Adorable.

He’s mine.

“Let’s go get you cleaned up.”

With my uniform and underwear already off in the basket outside, I help Aven strip his cute little clothes off too. With my hairband off, I allowed my turquoise hair to drape across my shoulders. I sat first into the steamy bath, with Aven quickly following, sitting between my legs.

Blub Blub Blub~~~


Tiny bubbles surface onto the green steamy water one by one. I look down at Aven as he continues blowing bubbles. He had his mouth under the water, with his body curled up and his feet inwards.

“Hey, Saya? What is love?”

“Let’s see… It’s when a girl really wants a boy, and they become very, very happy together.”

“Eh? Really? Then, then, I’ll be the boy! We can be in love, and be happy forever!”

He turned around, facing me, clasping his hands around mine and putting them together.

Such a pure, innocent mind. So naive, sweet, and natural he was.

His head cocked to one side, with his mouth in the shape of a small ‘o’ as I looked at him.

“And I shall accept!” I reply cheerfully.

Playfully, I push him into the water.

Kick~ Kick~ Splash~~


His eyes were already closed by the time I came back from the bathroom. The fluffy bed upon which he slept stood next to the window. The moon gently gazed upon it before the clouds obscured its view. As I lay in bed, I allowed my hand to guide it’s way through Aven’s hair, from the top of his head, and down his bare white back. We lay side-by-side, but I was slightly taller than him if we were standing up. Our heads were engulfed by the pillow we shared. Slowly, I moved near his lovely face and gave him a long invading kiss. Afterwards, we consummated in love under the dark night.


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